Daniel Persson;
I am an architect and designer of this and that, based in Malmö, Sweden.

2012-12-09: Woops, haven't hung around here for a while. Reason is: New site is up! Check it out at www.brynspace.se

2012-02-14: Teaching, teaching, teaching.

2011-12-02: Teaching at LTH Architecture, trying to make empathy an integral part in teaching first and second year students the concepts of shelter and home. It is sort of successful.

2011-09-15: Started a design office named bryn space. More on that when it starts to shape up.

2011-02-14: Back at LTH Architecture, this time tutoring first and second year students. Fun. The kids are alright.

2010-09-28: Didn't get awarded in the competition for a new cemetery at Järvafältet in Stockholm. Decency vs success.

2010-05-20: Just got back from Japan! Brought my architectural references up to date real fast. An excellent trip.

2010-04-20: Updated with some old projects. Check them out here, here, here, and here.

2009-12-19: Critic for two days at LTH Architecture, the same project as last time, now final review. It is fun, you need to sharpen up. After being sharpened up for two whole days, brain is a bit fried.

2009-12-02: I was a critic at a mid review at LTH Architecture two days ago. Good fun, but I felt like a bit of a pain in the a** for the students. The project was supposed to be about sustainability, and I kept pestering them with questions about that, when they had these elaborate spatial compositions to show. Oh well.

2009-11-01: My first software release! It is called pk_hui and is an entry in a software competition at KVR Audio, where you can download and vote for it. *Discontinued!*
pk_hui is a software bridge between a KORG padKONTROL and a digital audio workstation (DAW). It serves as an interpreter, letting the DAW and the padKONTROL talk to eachother in a very sensible and integrated way. Otherwise they are talking incompatible SYSEX and HUI. Download it and vote. *Discontinued!*

2009-07-18: Launched the website of artist and friend Mathias Kristersson, www.mathiaskristersson.com. I did both the design and the code, getting the video right was a nightmare, but it turned out really well. It is even standards compliant, woooo!

2009-05-15: Was a critic yesterday at the final review of the graphic design course at LTH where I used to teach. Great fun, as always, and I hope I made some good comments.

2009-04-16: Working on an article about gender and space. Was a member of the panel at a seminar about gender and space at Form/Design Center in Malmö. The seminar was arranged by Martina Norrman as part of her degree project in landscape architecture. It was my first time being in a panel, and weird to be perceived as important.

2009-01-19: Above right is a sketch for a new public pool in Ängelhom. It was a competition that seemed kind of doomed, the scale was too big, the county (in which I grew up) is both cheap and conservative, the program was immense and dodgy (private public pool wave machine conference hotel?), so I didn't put the effort in to finish it. That insight came slowly, though.

2008-11-29: I ran out of work at Monika Gora, and I am now working temporarily for Lars Asklund. Recession time! When will stable employment happen?

2008-10-21: I made this tune the other day: Photos Scissors. It is a sort of electronic/experimental/singer-songwriter piece. I made it at the same time as I was constructing the instrument I am playing, fiddling around in Max/MSP. Microtuned and all, hard to adjust the voice to the non-conformist scale, but I think it is pretty sweet anyhow. Nice to break the twelve-tone paradigm slightly, popular culture style.

2008-09-10: Currently I work for Monika Gora, artist and landscape architect. My latest assignment has been the sound design/editing/composition of her field recordings for an exhibition at Växjö konsthall. The exhibition, "Överlagringar", opens October 30th.

Lately, the work I am most proud of participating in is doing the cover for Andrzej Tichý's latest novel, "Fält". The manuscript took my breath away, it is a beautiful and poetic and ugly and chaotic novel, still it maps contemporary Europe like nothing else I've read. Anyway, I did the cover. Book is avaliable from Albert Bonniers Förlag.

Cover of Fält, by Andrzej Tichý, omslag till Fält av Andrzej Tichý



2011 Forming crossdisciplinary design office bryn space

2011 Teaching at Lund University, LTH Architecture

2009-2011 Architect at Lars Asklund Arkitektkontor, Malmö

2008 Architect at GORA art&landscape ab, Malmö

2008 Graduating as an architect from Lund University, LTH Architecture

2007 Teaching graphic design, Photoshop and Illustrator at Lund University, LTH Architecture

2007 Studying architecture at Melbourne University, Australia

2006 Internship at JA Ark, now JoS arkitekter, Malmö

2006 Teaching graphic design, Photoshop and Illustrator at Lund University, LTH Architecture

2005 Second place in student competition "Campus Re-Defined", awarded by Akademiska hus.

1999-2001 Studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

1997-2004 Studying History, Political Science, and Human Ecology at Göteborg University

Sketch for a new public pool in Ängelholm. Skiss på ett nytt badhus i Ängelholm.Competition for weather protection for the Jelling runestones, a World Heritage.Box in fibreboard, lasercut, glued.