I have arranged the sculptures in their own universe. They create a society in terms of looking and pointing, ignoring and interacting with eachother. The sculptures are no longer solitary.
The differently coloured walls and roofs, together with the beam frame, and the daylight, animates the sculptures' universe. The shadows and reflections creates different backdrops for the sculptures, creates borders and groupings among them and changes the surface of the individual sculpture. All these parameters change as the day passes. A new hour is a new state for the sculptures in their universe. Each day is a basic repitition, with weather and the length of the day and hieght of the sun adding their coat of flavor.
Normally, Giacometti sculptures are exhibited as icons in a boxed institutional environment. A white room, solitary placed, by a window overlooking some water or other romantic scenery. I wanted to do something else. If for nothing else, then for trying the excellent sculptures in another environment and see if and what unknown qualities would bloom.