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The pavillion constitutes a different universe than the surrounding park. It has its own drama and its own climate and landscape. It removes the visitor from the park and at the same time transforms the park into a part of the pavillion's own story, by the total visual contact with the now different-universe-coloured park.
The entire building on the outside is teasing bypassers by being fully obscene in both being and containing a different universe. To fully experience the different universe, however, you must enter the building.
The entrance reaches out, via the transparent red wall, and grabs one of the park's main walkway axises.
You walk up on the slope to the platform.
On entering you are again getting teased by the yellow wall. The wall also serves the purpose of screening the park from the different universe.
You encounter the dog.
You're standing on your side of the valley of the platform and you see the sculptures in their realm on the other side of the valley.
You cross the valley and enter the sculptures' realm.