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The workshop is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, in a small industrial area in between residential neighbourhoods and the moat surrounding the old naval base which is now the squat/hippie/narco neighbourhood of Christiania. From the perspective of urban development, this location is a backwater. The buildings surrounding the site of the workshop display generic industrial facades and consists of simple box volumes, albeit with no collective coherency. The closest neighbouring buildings have red brick facades and are 3-4 storeys high. The ground is dead, covered everywhere with concrete, asphalt and gravel. Many of the buildings are fenced in.

I couldn´t care less about designing the workshop in accordance with the location´s preexisting characteristics. The area is sterile and obnoxiously devoid of quality. My approach was to bring some greenery to the site and some soft landscaping, if for nothing else then for the employed in the glass workshop, for their breaks leisure and glimpses out the windows. Otherwise I focused on the interior qualities of the design, letting the outside be a mere border to the inside. Some elements of the location might however have snuck into the design: Maybe the trapezium roof connects to old the industrial sawtooth roof? Then again, probably not.