All these small buildings scattered around, pumping water or sewage, transforming electricity or housing some other little necessity. They are located everywhere, sometimes blocking beautiful views or corrupting parks and forests, by insensitive placement and design.

On the outskirts of habitation they are frequently hit by graffiti, which of course is refreshing. The graffiti offers aestethics, dynamics, and citizen involvement, but does not entirely bridge the discrepancies between the buildings´ beloved services and their ugly duckling exterior impact. Me and my modular friend, the meander, will nurture the ugly duckling.

The meander will be a tile in different colours, to be placed freely on an intruiging generic builidng, designed to swan-ify the old ugly duckling buildings.
During construction, the workers are completely free to place the tiles in whatever patterns and combinations they choose.

When tiles are destroyed, they are to be replaced with new ones, either following a colour sequence, or completely freely. The facade will play along with graffiti codex: If someone goes over or spits (paints on top of, with disrespect) the facade, the facade will go over the painting.

The generic building is thus designed with variations and dynamics over time embedded, and carries an underground codex, much of it propelled by the political hysteria of graffiti removal.