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This planning is concieved to be dynamic. As it stands here, it is a sketch for the inhabitants to finish. There is no ownership outside of the houses. There are no paths or walkways. There is no aestethic framework. The ownership and the responsibility of the gardenpark will evolve as the inhabitants interact. There are no set rules for how inhabitants should interact with eachother. There are two reasons for that:

Firstly the inhabitants will better get to know their needs and wishes as time passes and the needs and wishes crystallize themselves. I cannot know or plan for those needs and wishes. This is an issue of quality and longevity of the planning. Crystallize, adapt, change, re-crystallize etc.

Secondly I plan for human interaction, good or bad, not just putting out cells for human habitation. People can put up fences between eachother or people can cultivate common gardens. There are no set rules, but people need to interact to secure the quality of their neighborhood, or the quality of their private living space.

Likewise, paths and walkways will be formed as a function of the inhabitants' movements; dynamically. Parts of the budget for this project will be set aside for collective actions, such as plantation, sports and leisure equipment or for the paving of walkways.